Consulting Services

Our goal at Americhanvre is to move the industry forward and participate in any way possible. We are not motivated as much by profit as we are by a sense of urgency to quickly address the issues we face as a species concerning climate change and depletion of natural resources.

We share openly with our consultees what we have learned and the resources we have gathered. Our goal is to help foster and develop the self-reliance of our clients in the industry to whatever extent they feel comfortable, and to take on whatever challenges they do not want to face alone.

Our consultation services can be customized to fit your individual level of experience and capability as a prospective client, as well as your budget. These services can range from basic project support and supply logistics to full, hands on training in the field for you and your team.


One of our most common forms of consultation is the telephone or virtual video conference. We are able to invite you and your team to a video conference via our professional Zoom account via which we can share plans and drawings. These conferences can also be recorded and supplied to you for reference and review in the future.

Supply Chain and Delivery Logistics

We have an incredible network of industry partners with whom we work closely. Take advantage of our relationships and rely on us to figure out how to best supply your project with local materials whenever possible. We can take on the logistics and be sure to have your materials delivered and even unloaded and staged on your project site in time for your project to begin.

In Person Consultations

Sometimes a visit to the site is best practice.  Specifically when the project has gone off track or for management of project details that are complex or unusual. Walkthroughs with architects and contractors to address questions and concerns in person can help to alleviate lost time and budget further down the road.

On-Site Trainings

Allow us to train your team on-site and to prepare them for the successful execution of your installation. We can teach your crew how to safely, and efficiently set up your job site and install the materials correctly. This option suits our clients who have chosen to manage their own building projects and who are comfortable with managing the install once we have spent some time with them. This engagement can be timed to occur at key milestones in the process.

Our roots at Americhanvre are based in the principles of art and design. Contact us for a design consultation for your customized cast hemp project or idea and we will help you to bring it to life!

Hemp and lime building systems and finishes are easily cast into shapes and forms that transcend their utilitarian performance as natural super insulation. We have only just begun to experiment with other uses for the material, highlighting some of hempcrete’s other performance characteristics.

We can help you to design and install your hempcrete feature or focal point for your retail location, corporate office or home!

One of our core full-service options is full service hempcrete installation for new building projects. Americhanvre will begin by working with a client to lead both architects and general contractors to make design and execution modifications to account for the inclusion of hempcrete on your new build project.

We can help your team to understand and plan for both design modifications and project sequencing implications for designing and working with hempcrete. Americhanvre has the experience and expertise to be able to effectively communicate these considerations with architects and general contractors. Pre-planning and alignment of your team around this system of building will help to alleviate issues that can arise from having to adjust once the project begins, so it is important to engage a licensed, insured and experienced hempcrete installation firm as early as possible. We are committed to seamlessly coordinating with your build team to take responsibility for the successful completion of your project.

Our expertise and network of resources is also useful in the permitting and inspection process. We have experience in working with code enforcement officials and the ability to provide them with the data they may require in order to have a permitted structure. It is critical that we make every attempt to engage and satisfy the building code departments in such a way that they come to see the benefits of building with hempcrete.  Some of our materials do have ASTM testing available upon request.

Once your project is designed, funded and permitted, we can begin sourcing your materials.  We are committed to engaging local suppliers of building quality raw materials wherever possible. As the industry progresses, we will continue to develop and identify access to these types of resources locally.  Our team will handle the logistics of getting the materials on-site and staged for the project.

Americhanvre will provide all materials, equipment and labor necessary to execute your project in a timely and efficient manner. Our team is professional and respectful, always. We place a high value on keeping a jobsite safe and orderly throughout the installation process.  

The tools, techniques and experience we have amassed, in addition to our network of industry partners, means that our work is guaranteed against defects arising from workmanship or installation techniques. We fully stand behind our work and are fully insured with commercial contractors liability insurance.  Insurance coverage alone is an excellent way to know if you are working with a professional hempcrete installer!

Similar to our full service installation capability for new building, our retrofit installation service is different in a few key ways.

Often, the process for retrofitting does not require full on design services. The need for an architect or engineer may arise depending on the nature of the retrofit, and we are again fully equipped to work with those trades to make the design changes necessary to accommodate for the material.

Americhanvre will lead you through establishing a sequence for the proper demolition and preparation of the space to be retrofitted. These changes are usually weighted towards knowing what can be removed, however there are preparations that will need to take place in order to ensure the proper installation of the material.

Permitting is usually a bit less intense for retrofits as long as you are not making considerable structural changes as well. These projects are typically best presented to local code enforcement officials as insulation and energy efficiency upgrades, for which there may even be local government incentives.

As with our new build service, Americhanvre will handle sourcing, delivery and staging of materials on your projects site in such a way that is minimally disruptive to your daily life. We are careful to keep a clean, safe and organized jobsite at all times.

We will supply all equipment, materials and labor required to complete your retrofit project. Again, our team is courteous, professional and fully insured.

Our team is prepared to assist your project with our suite of on-site project management capabilities.  Having a contractor who is experienced in managing people, materials and timelines is critical to keeping your project on track.  

A typical home build requires the participation of a symphony of trades professionals, working together in concert to execute a design. For many “green” home building projects, there can be a rift between builders who are skilled in the techniques of sustainable construction and traditional home construction contractors. We can serve as that bridge with our professional project management experience.

Our goal is to keep the stakeholders updated with current information pertaining to the status of their project, and in doing so, impart a sense of calm and reassurance that the project is under control.

Education and outreach are critical to the success of any new industry. We have spent weeks out on the road speaking to people from all around the world about the benefits of building with hempcrete.  Our experience has been overwhelmingly positive in that most everyone we speak to is receptive and open to the idea of building with hemp.

We are excited and motivated by the boost that these opportunities bring to our own enthusiasm for the plant and the process.  Engaging a crowd of cannabis enthusiasts, or non enthusiasts, is easy when the subject matter speaks to both. As far as the hemp and cannabis enthusiast, our industry enjoys full support. It is critical, however, that we find ways to grow support for these materials from outside that pool by engaging industry professionals and potential homeowners from beyond that base of support. This is accomplished by presenting information and data in metrics that are recognized by both of these groups.

We have spoken publicly at several events within the hemp industry and privately to organizations that are well outside of it. It is our belief that hemp building materials will continue to legitimize the crop and to erode the negative stigma associated with the plant. Our goal in speaking about the process of building with hemp is to impart the belief that it is not a gimmick, that it is a legitimate solution.

Workshop Hosting

Americhanvre is excited to partner with you in hosting workshops for your event, tradeshow, fundraiser or home building project! We are able to offer a variety of solutions and packages for your team. We can support your needs from payment processing, advertising and legal considerations through execution of the event, providing as many team members as necessary to create the perfect environment.

Tradeshow Event

Americhanvre has experience in arranging small scale, traveling demonstrations of the technique of working with hempcrete. These small scale displays are well suited to the tradeshow environment! Our demonstrations can be hands on to an extent with take-home items for participants or integration of key team members into the demonstration to highlight your organization. We have performed install demonstrations for our friends at the National Hemp Association, PA Hemp Industry Council and Hemp Heals!


Workshops are a great way to raise funds for a cause or even to take the edge off of funding your own hemp building project. We can arrange for an interactive demonstration or a “make your own” type of workshop where participants can mix and make their own sample or cast hemp object. These workshops are designed to be fun and engaging!

Home Building Project

For the homeowner who is willing to open their property to a team of enthusiastic, like-minded individuals looking for a hands on experience building with hempcrete, Americhanvre is here to help you arrange your home-building workshop.

Often this is a cost effective way to address a portion of your labor needs for cast in-situ hempcrete applications. These types of experiences are more immersive than the demonstration level workshops in that participants will learn how a hempcrete installation worksite functions. Value for participants is also maximized in these situations as they will have days to observe and participate, rather than hours, and will be exposed to the issues that can arise before taking on their own project in the future.

Americhanvre will be there to help you find your participants and will then organize and structure the installation to occur in a safe, organized and timely fashion with team members in place to support and facilitate the on-time completion of your installation. Our insurance will cover the participants and the property alike to ensure the safe and successful realization of your hemp building dreams!

Ereasy Spray Applied Hempcrete

At Americhanvre, we are participating in the introduction of a new technology for mechanical application of hempcrete via the Baumer Ereasy Spray Applied Hempcrete system.