Hemp Hurd

Certified Building Grade Hurd - 20kg & 10kg bags

We are a supplier of certified building grade hurd for your hempcrete projects. Why does this matter?  In using a certified building grade product for your project, you can be sure to avoid issues arising from sub-par products that can lead to costly failures in your hempcrete projects. Our hurd is uniform, well packaged and free of dust and fiber that can both clog the matrix of insulating air-pockets that you are creating in a well cast hempcrete wall and can also lead to improper bonding of the hurd and binder.

Using a certified building grade hurd product will also give you the confidence to have discussions with code enforcement officials who may not be familiar with hempcrete. We have found that a seal of approval on the hurd that we use for our projects helps to ease the concerns of code enforcement officials in that it proves that the product is suitable for our proposed use in construction.


Hemp Construction Tech Sheet

Animal Bedding

We proudly offer Aubiose Hemp Bedding products! This hemp bedding works by soaking up liquids in a small area, effectively controlling odors and reducing the chance of wet bedding being mixed in with the dry.

Aubiose Horse Bedding


Aubichick Chicken Bedding

Aubizoo Small Animal Bedding

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