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Kingston, NY

December 2019 – Americhanvre LLC was engaged by Build Green Now LLC of Kingston, NY to help supply and consult for their first retrofit project.  

Owners Henry Gage Jr. and Dr. Sally Warren of Build Green Now invited Americhanvre to share in their vision of the creation of a program for sustainable retrofitting of existing structures with the goal of moving towards applying the lessons learned to low-income housing in at risk urban communities.

This duo is amazing in many special ways, however Sally and Henry were able to achieve some remarkable things in getting their project permitted and established in the Kingston community.  Theirs will be the first home in Kingston, NY to be retrofitted with hempcrete and approved by the local building council.  In fact, once the basics were relayed, the fire martial and building inspectors were quite moved and excited by the potential for the material.  In addition to receiving full code approval to use the material, Build Green Now was also successful in getting a rehabilitation loan that covered the cost of using hempcrete!

Our involvement with the project began with consulting via phone and quickly moved into sourcing supplies for the build.  We then arrived for a one day, on-site consultation and project kickoff meeting where Cameron trained the Build Green Now team on the basics of installing cast in-situ hempcrete for a retrofit application.  From there, the Build Green Now team completed the install and is very close to completing the rehabilitation of this awesome space!

This project is representative of the potential for utilizing hempcrete to improve the energy efficiency of an existing building while storing carbon in the process.  In the northeast, we have many older homes that are horribly energy inefficient and could benefit from the application of a sustainable, healthy, carbon sequestering material like this!

The Hempstead - Caretakers Cottage

The Caretakers Cottage at the Hempstead is a hempcrete retrofit project where we gutted and prepped a one hundred year old tool shed to become a living space for guests at the bed and breakfast.  Retrofitting an aging structure presents challenges that, once overcome, only sweeten the reward for persevering through the project.

Hempcrete for this project was installed as part of a workshop series called Hempcrete Week that occurred at the Hempstead.  This work in progress will be completed in early 2021 with a half round bathroom addition to be styled like a silo and insulated with hempcrete.