Lisbonis Chaux Grasses

EREASY 120 Binder

The Ereasy 120 binder is the only binder product that can be used with the Ereasy Spray Applied Hempcrete System.  It is specifically formulated to work with this system within the ratios of hurd and binder that are required. The bags are 33lbs each and are meant to be combined with a 44lb bale of hurd in a one bag to one bag ratio. When mixed in a large enough mixer (we recommend the EZG Mud Hog MH20), the resulting mix is highly consistent and replicable. This light-weight hurd to binder ratio results in higher insulation values with less binder material per cubic foot – leading to maximum performance and a lower carbon footprint.

Ereasy 120 can also be used for cast in-situ builds at a ratio of 1:1 by weight with the hurd. This binder is also certified by the Constuire en Chanvre to be paired with our hurd, providing further reassurance for code officials, builders, and homeowners that the products will perform as specified.


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