Full Service Installation for New Builds

One of our core full-service options is full service hempcrete installation for new building projects. Americhanvre will begin by working with a client to lead both architects and general contractors to make design and execution modifications to account for the inclusion of hempcrete on your new build project.

We can help your team to understand and plan for both design modifications and project sequencing implications for designing and working with hempcrete. Americhanvre has the experience and expertise to be able to effectively communicate these considerations with architects and general contractors. Pre-planning and alignment of your team around this system of building will help to alleviate issues that can arise from having to adjust once the project begins, so it is important to engage a licensed, insured and experienced hempcrete installation firm as early as possible. We are committed to seamlessly coordinating with your build team to take responsibility for the successful completion of your project.

Safe and Secure

Our expertise and network of resources is also useful in the permitting and inspection process. We have experience in working with code enforcement officials and the ability to provide them with the data they may require in order to have a permitted structure. It is critical that we make every attempt to engage and satisfy the building code departments in such a way that they come to see the benefits of building with hempcrete.  Some of our materials do have ASTM testing available upon request.

Professional and Polite

Americhanvre will provide all materials, equipment and labor necessary to execute your project in a timely and efficient manner. Our team is professional and respectful, always. We place a high value on keeping a jobsite safe and orderly throughout the installation process.  

Premium Resources

Once your project is designed, funded and permitted, we can begin sourcing your materials.  We are committed to engaging local suppliers of building quality raw materials wherever possible. As the industry progresses, we will continue to develop and identify access to these types of resources locally.  Our team will handle the logistics of getting the materials on-site and staged for the project.

The Americhanvre Guarantee

The tools, techniques and experience we have amassed, in addition to our network of industry partners, means that our work is guaranteed against defects arising from workmanship or installation techniques. 

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