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All Together Now PA

Hemp Local Supply Chain Committee Founding Member

Americhanvre is a proud founding member of the Hemp Local Supply Chain Committee under the All Together Now PA non-profit organization.

“We envision a prosperous network of just and resilient regional economies comprised of independent, locally-owned farms and businesses, which build community wealth, reduce carbons, end reliance on global supply chains and prepare our communities for climate change by producing basic needs locally and sustainably.”

International Hemp Building Association

Americhanvre is a proud business member of the International Hemp Builders Association and will be attending the IHBA Symposium in York, UK in late March of 2020.

“The aims of this association are to develop, promote and support the production and use of all hemp based construction materials and their by-products in a sustainable and bio-regional manner for the benefit of the ecology and communities of all regions of the world. The IHBA aims to work for the gathering and dissemination of knowledge about the materials and systems from those developing and using them to those wishing to. The IHBA will assist members developing systems both from the point of view of production of the materials to their use in vernacular and new styles of architecture appropriate to their region. The IHBA will work to educate and inform the relative government and trade bodies to help in the establishment of the infrastructure necessary to create a hemp building industry throughout the international community. The IHBA will at all times work to ensure that the use of such materials has the least environmental impact possible.”

National Hemp Association

Business Level Member Since 2018

Americhanvre has been a proud Business level member of the National Hemp Association since 2018.  We work closely with them to de-stigmatize the cannabis plant and to show the public what the true potential of industrial hemp can be.

“We firmly believe that American industry is trending towards bio-sustainability and hemp plays a critical role in the establishment of a new economic paradigm. The National Hemp Association is dedicated to shifting the perception of hemp as being an alternative crop to a mainstream commodity.

We are a non-profit corporation created to encourage trade and discourse among hemp professionals. We are dedicated to the development of the domestic industrial hemp industry. This goal will be attained by coordinating legislation, agricultural organizations, farmers, processors, manufacturers, and retailers. The promotion of the industrial hemp industry is congruent with the desire to improve the environment through production and utilization of hemp farming and products. We see a direct relationship between the products we use and stewardship of the land.

We have developed close relationships with government agencies to establish regulations that benefit the hemp industry across the nation. We provide a wealth of expertise in fields ranging from mining and agriculture to hemp materials processing and the latest developments pertaining to laws and regulations.”

Pennsylvania Hemp Industry Council

Business Level Member since 2018

Americhanvre has been a proud business level member of the PA Hemp Industry Council since 2018.

“The Pennsylvania Hemp Industry Council seeks to accelerate the return of the Industrial Hemp Crop to the Pennsylvania agricultural landscape. To effectively achieve our aim of broad adoption of Industrial Hemp as a rotational crop by farmers, we will build a vital and effective collaboration of agencies, individuals and the general public.

Pennsylvania is a very strong agricultural state with over 63 thousand farms and almost 8 million acres of farm land. These farmers, the entire state, as well as the environment would benefit tremendously from the ability to grow industrial hemp. With our ideal climate and close proximity to major markets, we need to return this vital cash crop to our state.

Hemp can aid rural communities that need revitalization and opportunity by creating good paying jobs. Investing in research and development would build a bio-based economy that can provide solutions to real-world problems.

The United States annually imports hemp and hemp products at an estimated value of 500 million dollars. Hundreds of PA farmers and entrepreneurs have already expressed a desire to supply the national demand for hemp and its products not only to reap the economic benefits, but to create many products that can proudly be labeled “100% Made in the USA”. With our rich agricultural heritage and our first class universities and research facilities, Pennsylvania should absolutely be a leader in this new industry.”

US Hemp Building Association

Founding Corporate Sponsor and Influencer

Americhanvre is a founding corporate sponsor and founding influencer for the US Hemp Builders Association.  Cameron is also a Director at Large of the board of directors for the USHBA.

The USHBA is an organization aimed at achieving full certification of hemp based building materials, including the hemp lime, or hempcrete, building system.  It is comprised of builders, architects, engineers, real estate professionals, farmers and enthusiasts from around the world.  Our goal is to engage, educate and enlighten the public, institutions of higher education and lawmakers on hemp based building materials.  We will push for full certification and approval, provide trainings and information on best practices, approve raw materials and increase demand for hemp-based building!

Hemp Building Institute

Last year the hemp building industry took a giant leap forward as the IRC hemp-lime appendix was accepted into the 2024 of the IRC code.  The code language and reason statement were crafted by a team of experts and consultants. It was later reviewed by professionals from around the world including participants from 7 countries. 

This is an important step on a journey to making hempcrete an option for widespread adoption in the construction industry. Professionals in the construction industry now have a guide to what is required to build with hempcrete and educational material can be developed to spread the requirements of the code.

ASTM International

Over 12,000 ASTM standards operate globally. Defined and set by us, they improve the lives of millions every day. Combined with our innovative business services, they enhance performance and help everyone have confidence in the things they buy and use.


Thermal Resistance Results & Disclosures

Americhanvre performed ASTM C518 testing to evaluate the insulation R-value of hemp-lime samples made using the Ereasy spray equipment and the Ereasy 120 binder. The results showed an average R-value of 2.2 per inch for samples at a density range of 14.73- 15.20 lb/ft3.


Hemp-lime IRC Index

Read the 2021 Hemp-lime International Residential Code Index and gain more knowledge and understanding about hemp-lime and construction using it.

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