Speaking Engagements

Education and outreach are critical to the success of any new industry. We have spent weeks out on the road speaking to people from all around the world about the benefits of building with hempcrete.  Our experience has been overwhelmingly positive in that most everyone we speak to is receptive and open to the idea of building with hemp.


Spreading the Love

We are excited and motivated by the boost that these opportunities bring to our own enthusiasm for the plant and the process.  Engaging a crowd of cannabis enthusiasts, or non enthusiasts, is easy when the subject matter speaks to both. As far as the hemp and cannabis enthusiast, our industry enjoys full support. It is critical, however, that we find ways to grow support for these materials from outside that pool by engaging industry professionals and potential homeowners from beyond that base of support. This is accomplished by presenting information and data in metrics that are recognized by both of these groups.

Building the Future

We have spoken publicly at several events within the hemp industry and privately to organizations that are well outside of it. It is our belief that hemp building materials will continue to legitimize the crop and to erode the negative stigma associated with the plant. Our goal in speaking about the process of building with hemp is to impart the belief that it is not a gimmick, that it is a legitimate solution.

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Speaking Engagements

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