Spray Applied Hempcrete Home

This is the nation’s first residential home to be sprayed with the Ereasy Hempcrete System by Hempitecture and Americhanvre.  This home is the second spray applied structure in the entire country outside of Hempitecture’s home base in Ketcham, Idaho.  The team took approximately five days to spray install 1,100 cubic feet of material with four men for three days and only three for the final two days.

The client framed and built the home prior to our arrival and had installed magnesium oxide board on the interior surface of the walls as permanent formwork to which the hempcrete could be applied.  Americhanvre supplied the project with Kanabat building grade hurd and an Ereasy Spray Applied Hempcrete unit purchased from Hempitecture, the distributor for Ereasy in the U.S., earlier in the year.

We were able to successfully demonstrate the process for spray application of hempcrete for a residential home, proving the method to be dramatically faster and less labor intensive than traditional cast in-situ hempcrete.

Hemp House on Wheels

Americhanvre’s first hempcrete project, the Hemp House on Wheels, was designed by Coexist Build in Blandon, PA and built on their farm.  It is a mobile, model hempcrete home, complete with lime plaster finishes on the inside and out.  The frame is mounted to a rebuilt and restored equipment trailer with earthquake ties and lag bolts!

This model hempcrete home made its debut in June of 2019 at the Cannabis World Congress and Business Expo at the Javits Center in New York City as a guest of the National Hemp Association, PA Hemp Industry Council and Canopy Growth Corporation.  Since then it has traveled nearly three thousand miles and is still in fantastic condition.  

The Hemp House on Wheels is available for hire, with or without team, for your hemp/cannabis event!  It features a pass through design, flat screen TV for promo display and electric lighting.

David Manidis Mockup

This mock wall section was built along with the client, David Manidis, as a live demonstration of the technique and materials proposed to complete his hempcrete home to be built in 2021.  Complete with a sample foundation section and radiant heat flooring section via Warmboard, this mockup stands over 9’ tall and was cast in-situ at a thickness of 12”.

We are hoping to use this model to aid in the process of getting permitting and code enforcement approval to use hempcrete to build David’s home in Wyomissing, PA.  Code enforcement officials will have the opportunity to see how the material interacts with other materials in the wall system and, most importantly, they will also be able to feel the sturdiness of the material for themselves.