Workshop Hosting

Americhanvre is excited to partner with you in hosting workshops for your event, tradeshow, fundraiser or home building project! We are able to offer a variety of solutions and packages for your team. We can support your needs from payment processing, advertising and legal considerations through execution of the event, providing as many team members as necessary to create the perfect environment.

Tradeshow Event

Americhanvre has experience in arranging small scale, traveling demonstrations of the technique of working with hempcrete. These small scale displays are well suited to the tradeshow environment! Our demonstrations can be hands on to an extent with take-home items for participants or integration of key team members into the demonstration to highlight your organization. We have performed install demonstrations for our friends at the National Hemp Association, PA Hemp Industry Council and Hemp Heals!

Home Building Project

For the homeowner who is willing to open their property to a team of enthusiastic, like-minded individuals looking for a hands on experience building with hempcrete, Americhanvre is here to help you arrange your home-building workshop.

Often this is a cost effective way to address a portion of your labor needs for cast in-situ hempcrete applications. These types of experiences are more immersive than the demonstration level workshops in that participants will learn how a hempcrete installation worksite functions. Value for participants is also maximized in these situations as they will have days to observe and participate, rather than hours, and will be exposed to the issues that can arise before taking on their own project in the future.


Workshops are a great way to raise funds for a cause or even to take the edge off of funding your own hemp building project. We can arrange for an interactive demonstration or a “make your own” type of workshop where participants can mix and make their own sample or cast hemp object. These workshops are designed to be fun and engaging!

In-Person Consultations

Americhanvre will be there to help you find your participants and will then organize and structure the installation to occur in a safe, organized and timely fashion with team members in place to support and facilitate the on-time completion of your installation. Our insurance will cover the participants and the property alike to ensure the safe and successful realization of your hemp building dreams!

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