Full Service Installation for Retrofits

Similar to our full service installation capability for new building, our retrofit installation service is different in a few key ways.

Often, the process for retrofitting does not require full on design services. The need for an architect or engineer may arise depending on the nature of the retrofit, and we are again fully equipped to work with those trades to make the design changes necessary to accommodate for the material.

Unparalleled Expertise

Americhanvre will lead you through establishing a sequence for the proper demolition and preparation of the space to be retrofitted. These changes are usually weighted towards knowing what can be removed, however there are preparations that will need to take place in order to ensure the proper installation of the material.

Hands Off

As with our new build service, Americhanvre will handle sourcing, delivery and staging of materials on your projects site in such a way that is minimally disruptive to your daily life. We are careful to keep a clean, safe and organized jobsite at all times.

No Hoop Jumping Needed

Permitting is usually a bit less intense for retrofits as long as you are not making considerable structural changes as well. These projects are typically best presented to local code enforcement officials as insulation and energy efficiency upgrades, for which there may even be local government incentives.

Fully Equiped

We will supply all equipment, materials and labor required to complete your retrofit project. Again, our team is courteous, professional and fully insured.

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