Consulting Services

Our goal at Americhanvre is to move the industry forward and participate in any way possible. We are not motivated as much by profit as we are by a sense of urgency to quickly address the issues we face as a species concerning climate change and depletion of natural resources.

We share openly with our consultees what we have learned and the resources we have gathered. Our goal is to help foster and develop the self-reliance of our clients in the industry to whatever extent they feel comfortable, and to take on whatever challenges they do not want to face alone.

Our consultation services can be customized to fit your individual level of experience and capability as a prospective client, as well as your budget. These services can range from basic project support and supply logistics to full, hands on training in the field for you and your team.


One of our most common forms of consultation is the telephone or virtual video conference. We are able to invite you and your team to a video conference via our professional Zoom account via which we can share plans and drawings. These conferences can also be recorded and supplied to you for reference and review in the future.

In-Person Consultations

Sometimes a visit to the site is best practice.  Specifically when the project has gone off track or for management of project details that are complex or unusual. Walkthroughs with architects and contractors to address questions and concerns in person can help to alleviate lost time and budget further down the road.

Supply Chain and Delivery Logistics

We have an incredible network of industry partners with whom we work closely. Take advantage of our relationships and rely on us to figure out how to best supply your project with local materials whenever possible. We can take on the logistics and be sure to have your materials delivered and even unloaded and staged on your project site in time for your project to begin.

On-Site Trainings

Allow us to train your team on-site and to prepare them for the successful execution of your installation. We can teach your crew how to safely, and efficiently set up your job site and install the materials correctly. This option suits our clients who have chosen to manage their own building projects and who are comfortable with managing the install once we have spent some time with them. This engagement can be timed to occur at key milestones in the process.

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