Podcast: Big Year for Hempcrete

This week on the Hemp Podcast, we check back in with hempcrete builder Cameron McIntosh, who has had a busy year building projects around the country, hosting workshops, and lecturing for universities and organizations like the American Institute of Architects.

He gives an overview of the building projects he completed this year, including several in Pennsylvania and a few on the West Coast.

Earlier in this year, hempcrete construction was added to the International Residential Code index, which he says is a great first step toward gaining approval for hempcrete for commercial building.

“It’s a good step in that direction, saying that we’ve got good, prescriptive guidance on how to do this properly,” he said.

His company, Americhanvre Cast-Hemp, imports hemp hurd from France because the domestic market is not fully developed, but McInstosh said American producers are getting close.

His company is the North American distributor of the Ereasy Spay Applied Hempcrete System.

McIntosh also addresses concern brought up by a previous podcast guest who had an issue with the lack of R-value testing on hempcrete.  

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