IHBS Hemp Building Symposium

Just now getting around to going through our pictures from the International Hemp Building Association 10th annual International Hemp Building Symposium hosted by @aialeu Aia and Steve @building_with_hemp with @hemp.act in Lacapelle-Marival! What an incredible group of human beings from all around the world – Bravo to Aia and Steve for pulling this group together.

@erictituswhite and I flew from NJ all the way to Switzerland to meet Damien and Cèline @c_line_bmr in their beautiful home town of Malbrans where we spent a short day or two before heading to Lacapelle-Marival to gather with our colleagues and friends. These pictures hardly do the trip justice, but just look at all the cool people we got to see and spend time with!

We demonstrated the Ereasy system alongside a few others and had a literal blast doing so. My first experience spraying with the Ereasy system in France after a two year pause was incredible and culminated with the application of Pierre’s hurd in our system for a very positive and exciting result.

Special thanks to Pierre at Hemp Act for hosting the symposium and also a special thanks to @scholtesmax Max for being an amazing ambassador for the region. We had so much fun with @8th_fire_innovations, @yasmin_bawa, @hanfingenieur, @ukhempcrete, @doctorhemphouse, Laim and so many others. Very special trip indeed!

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