May 2022 Hempcrete Workshop

We’re excited to announce another Hempcrete seminar and workshop next week! Sustainable Energy Education & Development Support (SEEDS) and James Stunkard with Nature’s Grace Health Food and Deli partnered with Americhanvre to bring an extensive, hands-on workshop on hempcrete, a sustainable and innovative building material. Please join us and register for this free event!

May 12th | 7pm

Cooperage Project
Honesdale, PA

May 13—May 16 | 8am-5pm

168 Church St.
Prompton, PA

Massive experience with @naturesgrace947 and Sustainable Energy Education and Development Support (SEEDS) With a short and sweet cast in-situ workshop for the legend himself, Jamie of Nature’s Grace. The workshop began with a lecture on hempcrete at the The Cooperage Project in Prompton where we had close to 30 attendees, all of whom participated in the workshop to cast Jamie a garage/workshop area out of hempcrete using Platinum Hempcrete binder and the finest building grade hemp hurd available from Americhanvre Cast Hemp . We led a 4 day install that culminated with only the “bad seeds”, as Jamie dubbed us. Highly appropriate, and serious respect to Jamie, Kevin, Charlie and Jan (not pictured) for sticking it out to the bitter end. We installed 500+ cubic feet of material into a raw frame over about 3.5 days ending with the roof – the whole building was 12″ thick and will be a multi-use space..Now, on to Jamie, or @naturesgrace947. This dude is a living legend – he opened Nature’s Grace, a health food store and Deli in Prompton about 40 years ago. He has been a fixture in town ever since, through his peak in the nineties when he was the only game in town, to now when he weathers the storm of corporate grocery stores supplying the types of products he has focused on for 40 years. #supportlocal for guys like this who have been dedicated to place, health and reputation over profits since they began. Does it cost more to shop at Nature’s Grace then Walmart? Perhaps, depending on your ability to see the hidden price tag associated with the low cost.

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