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A new technology for the application of hempcrete via the Baumer Ereasy Spray system.

A new take on
eco-friendly planter and decor for the modern home.


Building grade hemp hurd and lime binder supplies.


The EREASY Spray System is now in stock! Quantities are Limited–so order now.

Why Hempcrete as a building material?

Our roots at Americhanvre are based in the principles of art and design.  Contact us for a design consultation for your customized cast hemp project or idea and we will help you to bring it to life!

Hemp and lime building systems and finishes are easily cast into shapes and forms that transcend their utilitarian performance as natural super insulation.  We have only just begun to experiment with other uses for the material, highlighting some of hempcrete’s other performance characteristics.

We can help you to design and install your hempcrete feature or focal point for your retail location, corporate office or home!

Hemp has many thousands of uses, and all parts of the plant offer their contributions. The hurd, or shiv, is the heart of the hemp stalk and the vessel within which hemp sequesters carbon.

At Americhanvre, we are pushing to create new ways to create and build upon that foundation. Not only will this noble plant displace demand for wood products, it will also serve to trap a portion of the carbon in our atmosphere, and we intend to trap as much as you allow us to.

EREASY Hempcrete
R-Value is 2.2/inch

ASTM C518 testing evaluated the insulation R-value of hempcrete samples made using the EREASY Spray System.


is a full service hemp building material installer

Our Mission

Hemp based building materials are on the forefront of green building and sustainable design.  Green materials are judged on their ability to provide the same, or better, technical performance as compared to traditional building materials, and, more importantly, their impact on the planet.  Hemp and lime based biocomposite insulation, known as “hempcrete”, can be produced sustainably from a highly renewable resource that sequesters carbon as it grows.  The resulting insulation is carbon negative, yet also has considerable thermal, acoustic and fire resistance properties. 

Our mission is to actively store carbon in the walls of our homes, and in doing so, to dramatically improve their energy efficiency in the process.  We are dedicated to the development of applications for hemp and lime materials that reach beyond their capacity for thermal and fire resistance.  At Americhanvre, we envision a future where hemp begins to bridge the gap between sustainability and affordability in our choice of building materials.

Americhanvre is also committed to being mindful of our impact on the environment, to support our local economy where possible, and to promote the growth and well being of our clients and employees.  By working openly with others in this industry, we hope to participate in accelerating the shift towards hemp materials and enlightened business practices for the betterment of the planet and of our fellow human beings.

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