Cast Hemp

Hemp has many thousands of uses, and all parts of the plant offer their contributions. The hurd, or shiv, is the heart of the hemp stalk and the vessel within which hemp sequesters carbon. At Americhanvre, we are pushing to create new ways to create and build upon that foundation. Not only will this noble plant displace demand for wood products, it will also serve to trap a portion of the carbon in our atmosphere, and we intend to trap as much as you allow us to.


Americhanvre LLC is a full service installer of hempcrete or hemp lime for both retro-fits and new construction alike! Our mission is to promote the use of hemp as a building material that is not only superior to traditional materials, but that is also environmentally sustainable and responsible. Americhanvre works closely with its suppliers to ensure the highest quality installations featuring American grown hemp and American lime binder where possible.

Americhanvre also offers cast hemp garden planters and pots in a variety of finishes including hand made tile. In-house artists are responsible for creating beautiful, contemporary planters that observe the principles of form and design while integrating seamlessly into urban and natural spaces. Cast hemp planters offer a variety of benefits over cast concrete that, like hemp lime in construction, are as valuable to the planet as they are to the consumer!

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