DeGreuchy’s LimeWorks

Platinum Hempcrete Binder

Here at Americhanvre we have partnered with our local supplier of hempcrete binder, DeGreuchy’s Limeworks out of Telford, PA.  Limeworks is a supplier of historic masonry supplies with a full product line for repair and replacement of aging lime plasters and masonry.  Their hempcrete binder is sourced primarily from within the state of Pennsylvania, fulfilling our promise to use locally sourced materials for our installations whenever possible.  

Each 50lb bag of binder will produce approximately 4.5cuft of finished hempcrete when combined with 33lb (15kg) of building grade hemp hurd.  We recommend Kanabat, the highest quality building grade hemp hurd available to date, which can be sourced through Americhanvre. 

Limeworks Platinum hempcrete binder starts at $33/bag.  Full pallets of 35 bags, 50lb each, can be purchased for a discount of 10% per bag in multiples of full pallets.  These costs do not include sales tax (if applicable) and shipping.  This binder can be purchased directly from the supplier.

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