Cast Hemp Planters

Cast Hemp Planters

Cast hemp planters are made with the inner woody core, the hurd/shiv of the industrial hemp stalk and a lime-based binder. These materials are all natural and are also sustainable, renewable and carbon sequestering.


Variety of colors and textures. Incredibly versatile with an eco-friendly finish.

Carbon Sequestering

Natural and sustainable

Hudson Hemp Custom Planters

Hudson Hemp Custom Planters

Americhanvre was commissioned to create a custom five foot long planter box for display by Hudson Hemp at their trade shows. This planter also came complete with its own protective travel case


Durable and effective


Saves money over time

Vape Skye Blue Dab Bar

Vape Sky Blue Dab Bar

Skye Blue Dab Bar believes in giving back which is why 3% of all profits are donated to a charity focused on empowering the cannabis movement. The first charity we ever helped was instrumental in legalizing medical marijuana in PA. Their offices utilize only the cleanest power; Wind & Solar. Nearly all packaging materials are sourced from recycled materials.