Cast Hemp Planters

One of our flagship hemp products at Americhanvre is out cast hemp planters.  These are very similar to the traditional hempcrete, or hemp lime, building material but have been fortified for freeze-thaw resistance.

Cast hemp planters are made with the inner woody core, the hurd/shiv of the industrial hemp stalk and a lime-based binder.  These materials are all natural and are also sustainable, renewable and carbon sequestering.  

Our planters can be finished with a variety of colors and textures.  Lime plaster is incredibly versatile and is also an eco-friendly finish.  

Please contact us directly for pricing or to commission a set of planters for your container garden.  

Hudson Hemp Custom Planter

Americhanvre was commissioned to create a custom five foot long planter box for display by Hudson Hemp at their trade shows.  This planter also came complete with its own protective travel case!

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